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Vianessa CastanosMANDY

Vianessa Castaños

As a child, Vianessa wanted nothing more than to be a singer, actress and baby chicken when she grew up.  Only one of those things came true however, but she still holds on to the hope of developing the power of transmutation.  In her screenwriting and directorial debut, Vianessa created ‘Gringa Latina’ as a response to the  homogeneity of roles available to her.  Her acting experience includes such coveted roles as the narrator angel in her first grade production of ‘The Nativity’, ‘Instant Mom’ on Nickelodeon, ‘The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story’ on Fox,  ‘The Mentalist’ on ABC, and ‘East Los High’ on Hulu among other TV programs.  She also has a strong live performance background having toured the US while in the theatrical production ‘Love Overboard’ in 2009 which was later turned into a film of the same name.  Vianessa was born outside of Boston, but raised between the Dominican Republic and a slew of US cities up and down the east coast.

ana valverde LINA

Ana Valverde


Robb Padgett

Robb is from West Virginia via Washington State, but has lived in Los Angeles so long that he’s turned native. However, due to a particularly stubborn streak, he still shows up to things on time. Originally just an actor, Robb has become somewhat of a “Hollywood Handyman,” adding editing, scoring, directing, writing, producing, VFX, sound mixing, VO, and janitorial work to his resumé. And he loves it all. …Except maybe the janitorial work. But someone’s got to clean up. Filmmaking is messy work.











Allison Vanore

Producer Allison Vanore is an award-winning independent film and indie television producer born and raised in New Jersey. She resides in Los Angeles but juggles projects on both coasts and anywhere in between. Allison’s producing credits include original series, Anyone But Me, Cost of Capital, SOLO: The Series, a series for and she co-produces and directs PAWDCasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs. Her feature film credits include romantic comedy, Hopelessly In June, starring Keith David and Tiny Lister, and soon to be released horror comedy, Love in the Time of Monsters, starring horror legend Kane Hodder and versatile Doug Jones. Allison produced the popular anti-bullying PSA The Price of Silence, taught online safety and anti-bullying to middle school students in Los Angeles, and currently teaches Producing Independent Film at the Los Angeles Film School in her spare time – of which there isn’t much!


Krizia Bajos as “Lina”

Michael Anastasia as “Jake”

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